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ウェブサイトにアクセスした方は、ホームページ(メインページの意)からそのウェブサイト内全ての内容にアクセスできます。そのため、「Visit our homepage.」といったフレーズは一見正しいように思われます。しかし日本国外で、この言い回しが使われることはほぼありません。「Visit our website.(弊社のウェブサイトをご覧ください)」というフレーズの方が自然な使い方です。英語でも日本語でも、サイト全体を指す場合は、「ウェブサイト」という呼び方が正解です。


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Point 10: Homepage

As computers become more and more important to Japanese life, more English computing terms and Internet terms enter the Japanese lexicon. Words like 'install', 'upload' and 'disk defrag' are known by any Japanese who are handy with computers. Some of these words that have become part of the Japanese language have taken on incorrect meanings, such as the word 'hompage'.

'Homepage' in English has two meanings:
  1. The first, main page of a particular website
  2. The first page a person sees when a browser is opened

In Japanese, 'homepage' is often used in advertisements, promotions and the computer and IT world to mean 'website'. In reality, a 'homepage' is just the main page, not the whole website.

While it kind of makes sense to say 'visit our homepage', because from a homepage visitors can move throughout a website, it is not a common expression outside of Japan. Basically, if a person means to refer to their whole site, they should use the word 'website'.

One more note: HP does not mean 'homepage'! The oldest and most common meaning of 'HP' is 'horsepower'. However, in the computer world especially, it means'Hewlett-Packard'.

Since the Internet is a form of mass media, there is a chance that incorrect Japanese-English can confuse many people all in one go! Let's be careful about our Japanese-English!

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