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ポイント3:Nice Guy

ポイント3:Nice Guy

英語には「Nice guys finish last.(ナイスガイは最下位に終わる、ナイスガイは損ばかりする)」という表現があります。どうしてナイスガイはそんな風に運がないと思われているのでしょうか?

日本では、ナイスガイという単語を「ハンサムな・男前な・スマートな・クールな男の人」という意味でとらえている人がいるようです。しかし英語では、ここで言う「nice」とは「優しい・親切な」という意味で使われています。(だから「nice guy」というのは「優しい男の人」という意味になります。)




You're handsome! (あなたはハンサムね!)  
What a hottie! (なんてイケメンなの!)
You're very good-looking!(あなたは男前ね!)
What a hunk! (なんてたくましいの!)

ともあれ nice guys(親切な男性)には優しくしてあげてね。

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Point 3: Nice Guy

In English, there is the expression 'Nice guys finish last', meaning, nice guys come in last place or often take losses. Why would 'nice guys' be thought to have this kind of terrible luck?

In Japan, there seem to be a lot of people who see the phrase 'nice guy' as meaning a 'handsome', 'good-looking' or 'cool' guy. However, in English, the 'nice' here is used to mean 'kind'. Therefore, a 'nice guy' would mean a kind guy.

With that in mind the expression above makes more sense. Since it is believed that nice guys are used, cheated and, due to their over-kindness, yield or concede to others, it's thought that they can't win any competitions. Poor guys, huh...

Anyways, if you strike up a conversation by saying 'Nice guy!' it won't mean that you are complimenting his looks. That is to say, you couldn't say something like 'nice guy' to greet a stranger if you don't even know their personality yet, right?

To compliment a man's looks in English, let's try the following phrases:

You're handsome! (あなたはハンサムね!)  
What a hottie!(なんてイケメンなの!)
You're very good-looking!(あなたは男前ね!)
What a hunk! (なんてたくましいの!)

In any case, just be a little nicer to the 'nice guys'.

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